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Wood Craft

   With a recent flurry of openings all over the city, Yerevan's arts and crafts shops are a reflection of the burgeoning tourist and art industries in Armenia. In the Arts and Crafts shops you can find souvenirs made of wood, clay, obsidian as well as ethnic and traditional examples of pottery, jewelry boxes, dolls and many other hand made souvenirs. For the Armenian craftsperson, stone and wood are not merely seen as inanimate and utilitarian building materials, but as blank canvases on which these artists can realize the creations in their mind's eye. Hand made carved vases and jewelry boxes made from the wood of plum, apricot, and walnut are plentiful in the crafts shops of Armenia and will impress visitors with their workmanship and style.

   Exquisite wood carvings - replicas of the famed ancient stone crosses (khachkars) which dot the Armenian countryside, are also prevalent as souvenirs. Gold, precious and semi-precious stones provide inspiration for jewelers throughout Armenia country, while the alluring obsidian stone is another staple used in jewelry, desk accessories, and decorative items. Jewelry traditions in Armenia date back to ancient times.

   According to legend, hundreds of centuries ago inhabitants of Armenian highlands received a mission from the Sun God: "Develop the most noble metal which contains my powerful light and warmth. Decorate it with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones with the colors from the rainbow. As the Armenian nation exists, let people fulfill my errand from generation to generation as an edict on the planet Earth". Today, this mission continues to be realized through the works of skilled Armenian jewelers in two big jewelry markets located in the center of Yerevan, as well as in many jewelry shops throughout the city.

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