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Roudolf Khachatrian
Once, being a young boy, Roudolf was painting in the park near the Opera Square. He was then fourteen. And he felt someone breathing behind. When he turned, he saw an old man, who gave him an address and said: "Come and bring all of your works".

The boy went, and when the old man looked at the works, he exclaimed: "Leonardo is back!" Earlier the boy was thinking, that he was painting like Repin. It appeared even better.

This was how Roudolf Khachatrian met with Yervand Kochar - eminent Armenian painter, the founder of the “painting in space” principle. Kochar used to live in Paris for a long period. After he returned to his homeland, he was under repressions, then released. So the two of them became friends: the old man and the teenager-beginner.

Khachatrian wasn"t yet twenty, when one day Kochar said: “Now you can die. If you die now, you will definitely remain in the history of the Armenian art”. But Khachatrian went on living, even after two heart attacks. And a new painter was born in him every other decade.

Roudolf Khachatrian painted portraits. Beautiful ones. He was one of the richest portrait painters and had lots of orders Roudolf Khachatrian started to paint at the age of three. But when he met with Kochar, something extraordinary had already happened with him: he had seen the God.

His parents" flat was so close to the ground, that they were keeping the curtains closed all the time to avoid the strangers" stares from the street. So Roudolf"s eyes were adapted to such constant semi-darkness.

One night, when the boy was laying on the bed and thinking, a strong light shine appeared just in front of him. And a kind face was outlined in this light; a very kind one.

The boy was afraid and closed his eyes for some moments. When he reopened his eyes, the face was still there. The boy was so afraid, that he cried. When his mother came, he did not tell her what had happened. However in the morning he said: “Mom, I saw God.

That"s why I cried at night”. Once, after many years, he said: "For the first time we cry, when we are born. For the second time I was crying, when I was born as a human".

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