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Minas Avetisyan
Austere and majestic is the beauty of Armenia. Bathed in light and colour, pampered and caressed by the sun beneath whose strong rays the whole earth comes to life, this land has given the world not a few talented painters.

Minas Avetisian was born on the 20th of Juli,1928, in a little Armenian village-Djadjur. Leningrad, with its Academy of Fine Arts and its Hermitage, played a significant role in Avetisian"s becoming an artist.

Avetisian always remembers with gratitude his teachers,Johannson, Zaitsev and Khudiakov: they never hindered the natural expression of his own artistic individuality.

Both in his student years and after graduating from the Academy, Avetisian travelled widely around Armenia, eagerly seeking out historical monuments; he studied the Armenian miniature and the works of the greatest Armenian artists, above all, Saryan"s.

Avetisian"s real emergence as an atrist was at the "Exhibition of Five" in Yerevan (1962), where he revealed himself as a mature painter with a bright individuality. Numerous specialists and visitors to the exhibition thought highly of his work.

In the presence of a large group of visitors and representatives of the press, the French artist Jean Lurcat exclaimed: "This artist rivals France"s best painters".

Avetisian foolows the national traditions in painting, yet he never resorts to slavish imitation or stylization.

But he shows great freedom and originality in his use of means of expression found in the work of ancient miniaturists: bright sonorous colours, coordination of pictorial tension throughout the entire surface of the canvas, rhythmic arrangement of lines, the static quality of representation, and the absence of perspective.

And this is quite natural: like any artist of great talent, Avetisian has achieved an understanding of reality not so much through the study of the work of other masters, as through his own perception and interpretation of life.

Avetisian is one of those Armenian artists who put the colour back into painting.

"Put the colour back into painting"-such an expression might seem strange, but if you go into the Matenadaran and look through the yellowed pages of the ancient manuscripts there, you will understand what is meant: there on the parchment, in all their splendour, shine the bright, sonorous colours- blue, yellow, green, red...

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