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Vahan Teryan

“Autumn seems the wail of your own soul, as if a story of your own self, of your useless and gloomy life, which is filled with tender sorrow and dim beauty hard to know by whom”, Teryan wrote. His love songs are a gentle eulogy to women, marking the true beauty.

They are reflections of dramatic incidents, of experienced feelings and pain. Purifying as it is, love is the powerful support against evils of the world.

Teryan created his ideal of beauty, his great love as a pharos in life’s dark routes. While illustrating moral matters he looks deep into the human soul unveiling the beauty and glory of love sealed with eternal enchantment. The author also ponders over the human fate.

While reflecting heartfelt feelings, these poems attain philosophical coloring; the poet looks into the soul’s mystery in the man-universe relationship. Each person is an independent planet, an individual body in space, and each one aims towards the world, towards the inalien soul.

Poems in praise of spring show spring colours as echoing to bright and lively feelings. Pictures of florid spring are always followed by experiences of reviving soul.

In 1910-s Teryan’s poetry was burned with the fate of his country. The massacre of Armenians, World War I brought him great sorrow and pain finding their echo in “The Land of Nairi”.

This is a collection of patriotic poems depicting images of ill-fated Armenian nation with broken heart and wounded dreams, suffering and mourning. It shows the spiritual riches of Armenia, with a peculiar contemplation on its past, present and future.

What awaits his beloved mother land, Nairi? This is a question of alarm to the poet. In the deepest tragedy, the poet looks with hope and faith to the future. Through the ages the Armenian people with its strong spirit resisted all evils.

Neither natural disasters, nor attacks by barbarians or massacres were able to shake its power. The strength of spirit, that’s what Teryan defines in each poem of “The Land of Nairi” as the foundation of Armenians’ courage and survival.

In a distinguished skill Vahan Teryan has availed himself of illustrative and expressive devices. He lifted up the Armenian versification to new heights adding to it new devices. His poems mostly fit with syllabic versification system.

Varying from 4 to 16, most of all he used lines of 10 syllables. 44 of 77 poems of “Twilight dreams” adopted this very pattern of writing.

The key innovation by the poet in the Armenian versification was syllabic-emphatic principles. He was the first to use assonance in the Armenian poetry and extended its rhyming compass.

The alliteration coloring his poems are attuned to the nature of what is described. They draw the reader to hear the sound of falling leaves and breeze.

Teryan was the first to use poetic devices such as sonnet and triolet in the Eastern Armenian poetry. All of this turns Vahan Teryan’s poems into harmonious melody.

“With a new colour, with a new voice he sang love, country, nature. He renewed both the substance and the language of the Armenian poetry”. In this way the Armenian renowned poet Avetik Isahakyan spoke of Vahan Teryan’s poetry.
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Writer: Hasmik Muradyan
Editor: Eugenia Melkonyan
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