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Armenia - Land of the Gods
Sacred Geometry

The Armenian master architects knew the secrets of the terrestrial forces of Mother Earth and by combing these natural magnetic currents with the solar telluric waves used the network to effectively create important sacred Centers of harnessing the Cosmic Energy and creating ancient generators of the Life Force.

One of the very important surviving astrological centers known to man that is at least 7,000 years old is the K‛arahunj [which literary translates into - Stonehenge - which served the very same purpose, but K‛arahunj is much older - the same name however suggests that the Priest-Builders and the Civilization that built both K‛arahun and Stonehenge was Universal].

The K‛arahunj Observatory is located in the Syunik [Siwnik‛] Province of Armenia. This Holy Ground served a specific purpose of harnessing the Cosmic Energy or - the Life Force - through specific telluric alignment of Sacred Architecture of the Temple-Observatory.On specific axis alignment grids or "Ley" Lines [coined by A. Watkins] the master architects placed huge slabs of stones in the spots with strong telluric knots.

These "antenna" stones served as cosmic magnets - connecting the Celestial and Terrestrial - Heaven and Earth - Above and Below... The telluric energies were most effectively harnessed during special days [that later became the holy-days - that had a significant meaning] of the year.

The seasonal summer [June 21-22, the former being the longest day of the year] and winter solstices [Dec. 21 extending into 22] particularly December 22 - the day after the winter solstice and spring [March 21] and autumnal [September 21-22 - keep the former day in mind...] equinoxes during the four seasons were very important.

Additionally as the gifted astrophysist and scholar Dr. Paris Heruni, who specializes in the field of harnessing Solar energy for the benefit of Man and Nature - and who meticulously studied K‛arahunj with the necessary expertise of an astrophysist and an astronomer, tells us the most important dates in the 365 day Solar calendar known by the wise astronomers builders of K‛arahunj in harnessing the Life Force were the spring and autumnal equinoxes to be precise - March 21 and September 21...Now about the significance of the latter day as we noted above.

September 21st is not at all "incidentally" - the Armenian Day of Independence...The Cosmic Wheel is indeed a cyclical spiral and an...Eternal Return...

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