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Armenia Reborn - Modern Architecture
According to Tamanian"s plan numerous educational, public and administrative houses were built among which are Spendiarian"s Opera and Ballet State Academic Theatre, and the Government House in the Republic Square.

These, due to their exceptional feature of intention, include modern architectural currents of correct application of traditional national elements.

These spatial constructions and functional solutions are unified architectural currents and their expressive methods are simple solemn and monumental buildings and their surroundings, available and intimate to the on-lookers hearts.

Rising on the gray landscape of Yerevan of the past days, they became a reliable bridge to the vital and perspective traditions of Armenian architecture, throwing lights upon the modern way of the new development and progress.

The construction of the Government House and the architectural-artistic intentions in general served as the dictating basis for the other buildings located in the same area such as the Ararat Trust, the house of Trade Unions, Hotel Armenia, Ministry of Postal Service. Due to this fact the Square is unified and at the same time fascinating.

It is the symbol of the achievements of modern Armenian architecture, the constructive heart of the capital"s city-planning Organism, the center of social, economic and cultural Life and the witness of all the important events in the history of the Armenian people in the modern era.

In a word, the Republic Square is the heartbeat of the Capital as well as the center of all of the Republic. That is why it is dear to the hearts of everyone.

A great number of thoroughfares, streets, squares, namely Shahumian, Abovian, Sakharov, Spandarian were founded throughout the New Capital.

In the pre-war period, Yerevan was enriched by a number of important public buildings such as; Hotel Sevan, the Miansikian Public Library, the Central Department Store, Moscow movie theatre, the Yerevan Medical University, Institute of Agriculture etc., which are all important achievements of the modern Armenian architecture in the stage of confirmation of timeless building principles.

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Writer: Gevork Nazaryan
Editor: Eugenia Melkonyan
 Date Added: Saturday September 09, 2006 07:54:22 

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