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Armenia Reborn - Modern Architecture
Gyumri"s Lenin Square was completed with the City Hall building. New squares were built in Vanadzor (Kirov Square, Shahumian Square), Kapan, Alaverdi, Vagharshapat. Brand new districts were constructed based on the solid principles of a high culture of city-planning and perfected technological design. These included the following new district hamaynk‛s [communities]: Achapnyak, Araratian, Zeytun, New Nork, Avan-Arindj, South-Western, Norashen in Yerevan - Antaravan, the Triangle District in Gyumri - Dimmest in Vanadzor, Saralanj in Abovian, Sanahin, Sarahart in Alaverdi, Spandarian in Kapan etc.).

The last decades have been extraordinary prosperous in the architectural history of the Republic. Numerous luxurious hotels, concert halls, educational, research institutions, exhibition halls, tourist and sport complexes, industrial buildings were erected throughout the nation. Armenian architecture stepped on to the road of constant development sealing the searching period.

A noteworthy phenomenon in Armenian architecture was the building of the Ethnographic Museum of Armenia in Sardarapat, being the first after Tamanian"s Government House.

The USSR People"s architect Rafael Israelian, has skillfully combined the contemporary Essence of the National Exhibition Building with traditional expressive means, thus achieving a surprising and wonderful result.

The Armenian builders have gained fame and honor by creating such constructions as the Sundukian Theatre in Yerevan and the Theatre of Drama in Gyumri.

The Vazgen Sargsian Sports Stadium, Hotel Dvin and Hotel Ani, and the Airarat Movie Theatre, the Youth Palate, Zvartnots International Airport, the Komitas Chamber Music Hall, the Erebuni Museum, Metsamor Museum, the vast subterranean network of subways - the Metros, the memorial complex of the Battle of Sardarapat, the Sports and Concert Palace Complex, the Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial - commemorating the Armenian People"s Rebirth and many others all of which have very impressive attributes, considered by many to be successive and perspective creations of the new Armenian architects.

Many streets and parks stand aside due to their certain virtues and city-planning solutions. Examples of these are the Main Avenue in Yerevan, Aragats, Sayat-Nova Streets in Gyumri, Miasnikian Street in Vagharshapat, which are in the process of perpetual improvement and innovation.

Architectural monuments generally represent a people"s materialized history, belonging more to the past.

The cause of their preservation and of handing them down to the new generations in perfect state has become the main concern of the Armenian State and the ancient Armenian people, who are by nature creators, Civilization builders and innovators.

Recently great importance has been attached to the revealing historical-cultural significance and the role of the monuments. An attempt is made to have them meet modern requirements; extensive work is carried out to include old apartment houses into modern use.

They are being reconstructed so that they are in accord with modern constructions. Areas of the cities which contain ancient monuments are under the protection of the Government. Most numerously, these monuments are in the countryside, but some are also preserved in various cities districts including Kumayri in Gyumri, Dzoragyugh in Yerevan, Dilijan, Vagharshapat and many other places.

Sergei Gorodetski, the outstanding representative of the Russian culture and a great friend of the Armenian people, noted: "My greatest pride and happiness has always been and is the fact, that I can enter any house in Armenia and find shelter and friendly hospitality there."

Indeed, the Armenian hospitality and warmth of the sunny national spirit is renowned throughout the world. A guest is always welcome and the priority in a traditional Armenian home.

The old Armenian proverb says: "The guest is the God"s messenger and must always be welcomed in your home." This is why the Armenian usually acquaints the guest with the achievements of our Republic, with a certain love and pure pride showing the gems - the material manifestation - of the the immaterial Essence of his national soul.

We are sure that you will like Armenia with its unsurpassable beauties, cultural monuments, sunny colors, and see the creative warm spirit of the Armenian people at work. And we hope you will have pleasant memories.

May the fire of your desire to visit Armenia - The Paradise on Earth - be always burning in the Armenian corner of your heart - for as the saying goes - everyone is a little bit Armenian in their heart of hearts.

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Writer: Gevork Nazaryan
Editor: Eugenia Melkonyan
 Date Added: Saturday September 09, 2006 07:54:22 

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