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RA President not to re-run for office, serve as PM, NA Speaker: minister

PanARMENIAN.Net - The ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) held a meeting Thursday, July16, to discuss the draft Constitution of Armenia published by the Commission on Constitutional Reforms a day before, Panorama.am reports.
Minister-Chief of Government Staff Davit Harutyunyan told reporters that President Serzh Sargsyan declared during the gathering that in line with the amendments to the Constitution he has no intention of becoming the parliament speaker.
Harutyunyan reminded those present that at the very start of the process of constitutional reforms, President Sargsyan announced that he would not re-run for Armenian President anymore and had no intention of becoming a Prime Minister either.
According to the draft Constitution, the President is elected for 7 years instead of the current 5 and can only serve one term. The President shall have been a permanent resident of the Republic of Armenia for the previous 7 years, instead of the current 10. The amendments ban the President from being member of a political party.
Article 125 of the draft Constitution sets the procedure of a presidential election. The President shall be elected by an assembly consisting of an equal number of Armenian parliament members and representatives of local government bodies, appointed by municipalities themselves.
The Prime Minister will become the supreme commander-in-chief of the Armenian armed forces during the period of military operations. He is appointed by the President, who, in particular, confirms the candidate nominated by the political force that won the National Assembly elections. No more than 18 ministries can be formed.
As reported earlier, public debates on the draft Constitution will be held until late July. The draft may be amended if any acceptable proposals are submitted. The document will then be presented to the Armenian President and, if approved, to Armenia’s National Assembly.

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